Thomas Lang's Los Angeles Private Drum Academy

DW practice drum kits and pedals

Roland electronic drum sets

DW acoustic drums and Meinl cymbals

DW Practice Kits


You will be given a Drum Workshop "Go Anywhere" kit with a DW 5000 series double pedal and a DW 2000 series HiHat stand.


In addition you will have access to a multitude of Meinl 13" and 6" practice pads on DW snare stands and DW "Backstage" kick drum practice pads for your poolside double kick workouts.


The kit is equipped with additional practice-cymbal pads on DW stands and additional pedals and kick pads are available for you to use.


The DW "Go Anywhere" kit is yours for the year to use in your private practice area (your personal bedroom) and can be moved easily around throughout the property so you can practice wherever you feel comfortable, undisturbed and inspired.


This pad-set is yours to keep and take home after the one-year course has ended. Any broken pads or hardware-problems will be promptly fixed and broken parts will be replaced regularly.


These practice kits and pads are ideal for your daily technique practice. You will be able to spend hours every day working on your hand-and foot rudiments, stick control, double bass drum exercises, coordination and independence and more.


You can practice inside, outside by the pool, in front of the TV, and even in the kitchen if you so please!


The pad-kits will become your daily companion and teach you to focus on what matters the most in technique practice -- your hands and feet!

ROLAND electronic drum sets


There are three full Roland V-drum kits available for your daily practice. You will have access to two TD-20 expanded kits and one TD-30 V-drum kit.


All sets have four toms, three cymbals, HiHat and snare drum, double bass drum pedals but additional tom/cymbal/kick drum pads and triggers are available.


If you have no experience with electronic drums, then this is your chance!

Thomas Lang will teach you not only how to program, modify and edit sounds, presets and patterns, but also how to use modern sequencing and composition software so you can record your performances regularly for immediate feedback on your practice progress.


You will be able to practice anything and everything on these Roland V-drums without disturbing anyone! You have the option to audio/video your practice with perfect sound every time and you will learn to use the equipment in a professional manner. You will be able to program your own sounds and presets and you'll learn to appreciate the versatility and the natural feel of the mesh heads and pads.


Practicing on Roland V-drums is inspiring and exciting. There is never a dull moment in using these drums for practicing, rehearsing and playing. There are hundreds of patterns to practice along to in all possible styles of music and you have the ability to record and save your own practice routines, custom click tracks, metronomes, patterns and chains.


In addition to the three full V-drum sets, the LAPDA provides Roland RMP-5 "Rhythm Coach" snare drum practice pads as and RMP-12 snare drum pads, and a series of KD-7 and KD-8 kick drum trigger pads for your foot-workouts and independence practice.


Thomas will instruct you how to use all the gear and how to get the most out of your practice routines using the most high-end equipment available on the market today.

DW Acoustic Drums and Meinl Cymbals


The LAPDA provides you also with a vast amount of Drum Workshop acoustic drums and Meinl cymbals for the ultimate playing experience.


The house has a soundproof studio in the converted garage of the property, which will allow every student the opportunity to practice on high-end DW

Collector's Series drums on a daily basis.


Time slots for each student's practice will be determined at the beginning of

The one-year course and the student can apply all their techniques and try new ideas on a top-notch acoustic kit. The drum kits are equipped with Remo heads and a large amount of Meinl cymbals are available.


Depending on what style of music/drumming you would like to practice, you can select from a vast array of drum-sizes, drum heads and cymbals to serve your practice needs and wishes. You can choose to change setups, add and remove items and create your own dream kits anytime. The LAPDA gives you access to bass drums, snare drums, tom toms, rata toms, gong drums, concert toms and rare-custom drums of all sizes and shapes. From giant double-bass kits to small 4-piece Jazz kits, everything is available to you.


You will also have the ability to record and film your practice on the acoustic drum kits for review and feedback.


The LAPDA can also provide you with access to Thomas Lang's personal recording studio for tracking and recording your own music in professional quality for your own use.