Thomas Lang's Los Angeles Private Drum Academy



Registration requires you to enter a contract with the "Los Angeles Private Drum Academy" (LAPDA) for 1 year in the state of California.

California laws, regulations and legal procedures apply.


Fees and Payment:

The total cost of studying at the LAPDA is 40,000.00 US Dollars for 12 months (365 days).

This fee includes all drum lessons and tuition, total accommodation cost, utility charges such water, waste management, sewer, standard cable TV, Internet, standard property maintenance, gardening and pool service, all drum equipment use and rental, basic furnishings, and free admission to all MUSO Entertainment's events like "Thomas Lang's Drumming Boot Camp" and "The Big Drum Bonanza".


Not included are any personal cost and expenses like visa fees, travel cost, personal insurance, personal transportation, catering/food cost, cellphone charges, utilities, land-line phone charges etc.


To reserve your place at the LAPDA, you must fill out a registration form and qualify for the program.

Once the registrastion process is complete, the course fee must be received in full 3 months before the course begins.

Funds must be paid via wire transfer to MUSO Entertainment LLC in US Dollars and must be labeled "LAPDA one-year course.”

As soon as payment has been received, your place is reserved and you are officially enrolled in the LAPDA.


The LAPDA has a flexible enrollment policy.

Students have the ability to decide on a start date for the course that suits their schedule best if places are available.

All other prospective students will be added to a waiting list and contacted 3-months  before a spot becomes available.



The 50 lessons are distributed over 12 months according to Mr. Lang's judgment of the student’s progress and diligence in order to maximize efficiency and impact of all lessons.

Lesson starting times may vary and will be scheduled at the end of each lesson as the course progresses, but each lesson will be a minimum of 90 minutes, but may be longer.

Mr. Lang will reserve the right to re-schedule lessons on short notice but will always honor his commitment to fulfill his agreed private tuition time for each student of the LAPDA.

Mr Lang reserved the right to schedule group lessons with no more than four students at one time if topics covered concern multiple students at the same stage of their progress and development. In such case, lessons will be either two or three hours long depending on the amount of students.


LAPDA will observe the U.S. holiday calendar and lessons will not be offered on those dates.



• LAPDA is not responsible for lost personal items. Students will be responsible for lost equipment;

• Repairs to damages to the property will be charged to the student responsible. Failure to reimburse the LAPDA in a timely fashion for any repairs may result in expulsion.

• All property is insured and any standard maintenance or repairs are the responsibility of LAPDA.


For more information and a breakdown of fees, our deductions and refund policy and for any other questions you may have, please contact us at